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About Organikx Jewelry
Handcrafted artisan jewelry in unique contemporary, often edgy designs. Handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets & rings in sterling silver, 14k gold, turquoise, stones, gemstones, pearls & glass beads in designs inspired by the world around us. Bold shapes, sleek lines & sensuous curves. Organic geometry.
About the artist
I think I've always been an artist and a maker. I've always felt the need to express myself and the world I see around me in a creative, artistic way. I spent much of my childhood with a pencil and a pad of paper, just wandering and sketching the world around me. Next came a camera. Long before digital, this was an expensive hobby for a 9 year old. Well, for my parents. In my early teens came oil painting lessons. In my mid 20's I helped start up a local artist guild where we would host workshops in many different mediums. I explored acrylics, watercolors, block printing, pen and ink, the list goes on. I owned and operated a screenprinting & signage company. But when I discovered metalworking my path was found. The one constant medium that has stayed with me through the years is photography and when I'm not in the studio I can often be found cruising along back roads, camera in hand. Digital now of course.  

I adore handmade. We live in an early 1900's Craftsman 2 storey bungalow, our dining room table was handmade by a local craftsman, our dinnerware is handmade by a fabulous artisan in Alabama. The walls are filled with colorful, wonderful artwork and photography. Most of our Christmas tree decorations are handmade. In our world of mass produced and factory made I believe that we all want, or maybe need, things that were crafted by hand. Created with centuries old, hands on techniques of forging, fabricating, making from scratch. A return to our roots maybe. A return to a much simpler time maybe. Perhaps a bit of both. 

I like cats, dogs & sheep. And horses. Christmas & family. Rainy days. Friends & Saturday nights. Bonfires & roasted hot dogs. Red wine... too much maybe. Music... all the time. 

I don't like greed, prejudice, hunger & need. TV. Getting up early. Telling people "I am an artist". 

I live in small town Saskatchewan, very near where I grew up on the wide open Canadian prairies. 3 kids, 1 husband, 4 cats, 1 dog. I have many wonderful customers world wide & I appreciate them all, without them I would not be where I am. 

Mostly self taught, I'm constantly learning and expanding my metalworking skills and exploring new techniques. 

I use traditional metalworking techniques that have been around for centuries... hammers to forge, form & texture. Fire to melt, fuse & join metals. 

I use materials that have been around for centuries... precious metals, mostly sterling silver. Some gold. Gemstones. Pearls. Glass. Rocks. 

My inspiration comes form the world around me. Line, shape & form. Texture. Color. Bold shapes, sleek lines and sensuous curves. Organic geometry. 

I strive to create unique, contemporary & sometimes edgy designs that are a balance of timeless and modern. Delicious jewelry to feed your spirit & flaunt your unique personal style. 

Each piece is individually hand fabricated in studio by me. and my tools. sometimes fire. and music... all the time 

Organikx. Inspired by nature. Made by hand.
About my photos
Please note that all photos are taking with a digital macro setting. This does make items appear larger (much larger!) than they are in hand, please be sure to read the measurements listed for each item.

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