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Solid 14k gold ball stud earrings

Solid 14k gold ball studs in a sleek, contemporary hand brushed satin finish. Includes solid 14k gold friction earnuts to hold them securely in place. All metal is solid gold, not plated, not vermeil, not gold filled. Available in 6mm, 5mm, small 4mm & teeny tiny 3mm.
Please note that 4mm is small. Very small. 3mm is even smaller. Extra tiny small, hardly see 'em with your naked eye small... ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, you can see them fine, but they are very small. Please, no returns because you did not understand how small 4mm and how extra tiny 3mm really is. It's small. Pull out a metric ruler, take a peek at the tiny little lines, count out 3 or 4. Wow, that's small huh? But many people want a small or even teeny tiny small stud earring, so here they are. 
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