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The Collections

alegria  alegría  -handmade contemporary sterling silver jewelry with sleek lines & sensuous curves, hand polished to a shimmering high shine 
alegria oro  alegría oro  - more modern & contemporary jewelry with sleek lines and sensuous curves, this time in gold and gold filled metals
  organica - hand forged sterling silver & gold filled metals accented with gemstones. a balance of timeless & contemporary with a strong focus on line, texture and color  
  rústico - solid sterling silver hand wrought into modern, contemporary designs but with a rustic & organic edge. given a patina bath and hand polished to a buttery satin finish, these pieces look & feel like they've been around for a hundred years 
  les perles - creamy smooth skins & rainbow overglows... handmade jewelry in sterling silver and gold paired with cultured fresh water pearls in all shapes & sizes
  elements - hand made jewelry featuring sterling silver, some gold and artisan crafted lampwork glass beads.
  fusion - a marriage of precious metals! rustic and organic balanced with modern and contemporary jewelry in sterling silver with accents of solid 14kt and 18kt gold.
  encircle - handmade rings in sterling silver and gold, sporting genuine gemstones in a rainbow of hues made to mix and match or wear together or wear alone

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